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Please use the contact form above for your free website SEO analysis & proposal. If you would like us to call you to discuss your website in more detail just leave your number in the message section. We will only use your email address for replying to you with your proposal and what can be expected of your potential SEO campaign. It's 100% free and we will absolutely never bother you with annoying sales calls.

Why we do this...

For almost 15 years search engine optimisation was the bane of my life. 15 years ago I spent over £2000 to have a website made for my sister’s online shop and this is when I started learning SEO and falling into the traps that many businesses still do.

Since this first experience of paying for a website that didn’t get any traffic I have grown absolutely sick of the same old routines by very average SEO companies. Ever looked for a good SEO and come across something like this:

Old SEO Pricing and Plans

These pricing plans make no sense for anyone but especially for small businesses and are often non-negotiable. I have used SEO companies from all over the world UK, USA, Philippines, India the list goes on and every time going in with the same high hopes but I was always let down.

Take a recent enquiry we had from a new single owner dog walking business in Newcastle before speaking with us her thoughts were pretty much “wow this SEO stuff is really expensive!” Yes £200 – 250 for SEO is expensive, far too expensive for most small businesses and that’s why we wanted to make a change.

What's so different...?

We work with our customers to find out firstly the best keywords that really suit your business and can lead to you getting new business enquiries. Not forcing you to choose 5, 10, 15 or whatever but actually figuring out with real data the best ones which might be just 1 or 3 or 6 who knows you can’t put a number on it till someone’s actually done the research and studied the data.

Often for small businesses just 1 keyword is absolutely fine, for years has been number 1 for our 1 and only top keyword "Farnham IT Support" being number 1 for this keyword generated regular and stable new business enquiries throughout the years.

Once we have worked together to suss out the best keywords for your business we'll work with you to come up with an SEO strategy. We use this transparent method because there are certain elements of your SEO that you can do way better than we can.

For example writing content for the main services pages of your website, there is nobody better than you the business owner at writing about your business telling the world how awesome you are and why they should use your services.

The list really goes on and on but the biggest point is that we’ll work with you and always do what’s best for your business getting you as high up the rankings as possible involving you in the process if you want to be involved and your time allows.

Why use our SEO services...

The last thing we want is to sign you up to an SEO agreement that’s too expensive then cram additional keywords down your throat after a few weeks and get you to pay more.

I have been there myself several times; I really want to make a difference to the industry and shine some light on the murky waters of SEO.

You can see our case studies right here one of which is still ongoing, we share everything the good the bad the ugly with no excuses if things don’t go to plan.

Come and say hi – we are always in and around Farnham so why not book an appointment, come and say hi, so we can chat through your online goals. It’s totally free, we’ll even make the coffee and more than likely if nothing else send you away with some tips and tricks you can try for yourselves.

We have the skills...

As well as the various forms of SEO we are big believers in website speed and mobile optimisation. We find 90% of websites score a C or lower in Google PageSpeed. Try it for yourself at

No matter how awesome your web designer has been truth is that they probably didn’t know much about SEO or really think about it too much when your website was built.

We have the skills to get your websites (WordPress included) comfortably scoring an A with Google without compromising the look and feel of the site.

Improving the speed of your website alone can bump you a few places up in Google and usually it’s only a couple hours work. Plus just think about, if you’re thinking about and improving website speed while 90% of your competitors are sleeping on it this already gives you a nice little advantage.

So what’s next...?

We are totally friendly and not as geeky as you might think so do not hesitate to get in touch on 01252 721155, email or use the chat window below and we can start some initial research to see how our SEO services can improve your business and generate consistent new business enquiries .

Some SEO tools you can start using today...

website speed tools

Website Speed

It's an overlooked SEO criteria use GT metrix to make sure your site speed flattens your competition..

free xml sitemap creator

XML Sitemap Creator

Time to show the world how awesome your new website is! Use this free online XML & HTML sitemap creator..

website backlink checker

Backlink Checker

Discover who's linking back to your competitions website then set about gaining better backlinks for yourslef..

online broken link checker

Internal Link Checker

The less errors on your website the more awesome Google thinks your are. Find and correct your broken links..

How you can get started with your own SEO today...

Get a Google Account...

The first thing you need to get your SEO up and running is a Google account. You'll use your Google account for managing Google's webmaster tools, submitting your first sitemap, submitting your Google places for business listing and much more. If you don't already have a Google (gmail) account go here and sign up.

FTP Details...

For some of the work we do you will need your websites FTP details. If you don't know these no worries you can contact your hosting company and ask for them or just get in touch with us and we’ll help you establish what they are.

Google for business...

Let's go ahead tell Google where your place of business is. Visit and sign in with your Google account and click create business account. Name your business account with your business name and click manage -> Add a single location. From the Google maps screen you can pop in your business address and assign a category to your business. Next Google will post you a security number you will use to verify your address (takes about 1 week to arrive) after verification you can fill in your website details, description ETC.

Getting good business reviews...

Getting good business reviews are absolutely killer for your SEO (local SEO in particular). Google want to provide the best search results to it users so if you can gain more 5 star reviews than the competition that's an excellent start! What's even better for SEO is if you can spread your positive reviews across 2 or 3 review sites. We use and Google and encourage our customers when possible to leave us a review.

Submit your first sitemap...

It's time to tell Google your online, your websites awesome and you want people to find you! Head over to Google webmaster tools here ( and sign in using your Google account.

Once signed in click the red "Add A Property" button and type in your website address (example click add.

Soon as you click add you will be taken to a new page to upload an HTML file to your site. Click "this HTML verification file" that will download a file that looks something like googlee45896215.html.

Now you will need to access you site via FTP and copy / paste the Google HTML file onto the FTP. Again if you are not totally sure about this don't sweat it feel free to get in touch and we'll help you out or contact your website hosts.

Once you have copied the Google file to your FTP head back to the same page and click the red verify button. Now your website is verified with Google you can access the site and in the left menu expand crawl and click sitemaps.

Now leave that page open and go to (free xml sitemap creator) pop in your website address, using the drop down menu change your "change frequency" to roughly however often you make changes or do a new blog post. Leave everything else as is and click start, if you have a smallish website it will only take a few seconds and on the next page you will see sitemap.xml under the heading download un-compressed XML sitemap.

Click sitemap.xml and download it, you can also click sitemap.html and download that too if you wish.

Now you need to access the FTP once again and copy / paste your sitemaps to your FTP. Now you can close your FTP and go back to Google webmaster tools. Click the red add/test sitemap and type in sitemap.xml after the website address and click submit.

You are done! This is the beginning of pretty much any websites journey into SEO. In doing these first steps you have let Google know your business address, hopefully got some really good reviews to show that you're doing a great job for your customers and given Google access to scan through your website, index your pages to start ranking you.

What about Bing...

Microsoft's Bing search engine has pretty much the same tools as Google you can visit Bing's webmaster tools here and get started in exactly the same way by submitting your site. You won't need another sitemap by the way you only need to upload it once so setting up Bing should be pretty easy.

What’s next...

If you're interested in taking your SEO knowledge further have a read through of our SEO case studies some of which are live right now so you can see exactly the things we do to improve our customer's rankings. If you feel unsure about your SEO or your websites goals, why not pop in for a chat and we'll guide you through the best things you can do beyond Google sitemap submission.

Contact Us...

You can contact us anytime you like, we are friendly, helpful and not half as geeky as you might think!
Email Us: Call Us: 01252 721155

How to submit your first website to Google's webmaster tools and let the world know you've arrived!... Sign in to your webmaster account here and click add a property.

webmaster tools how to add your first website

Download your html verification file from Google then upload it to your FTP. No FTP details, no worries you can contact us and we'll help you figure out what they are.

webmaster tools how to add your first website

Once you've uploaded the html file to your FTP click the red verify button and your website is officially verified with Google.

webmaster tools verified with Google

When your sites verified in webmaster tools expand crawl in the left menu and go to sitemaps. Click add / test sitemap and type in sitemap.xml click submit and refresh the page.

how to setup your first sitemap file